Patient Reviews

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Average Rating: 4.85
"Doctor Olson has an approachable yet professional manner with his patient interface. He exudes the confidence of a successful practitioner, which judging from the results I've had, he is. I hope I won't need his services again, but if I do he'll be my first choice." – Michael H.   
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
"My wife, Vicki, and I were in the middle of the Sea of Japan this summer when I fell and broke my leg in three places. I was told I would be leaving the ship the next day and sent to a Japanese hospital for examination and possible treatment. During the day I called Dr. Thomason which was night time in Gastonia. I could not reach him, but he called us in a few minutes and advised us to the take a picture of the X-ray taken on the ship with an iPhone and send the picture to him. Dr. Thomason did not push me to come home but said he believed it would be ok to travel back home for the needed operation on my leg. A Japanese doctor agreed and consulted with Dr. Thomason during the night in the states and the Japanese doctor was able to give me a "Fit to Fly" certification that would allow me to come home for the surgery. When I returned home two days later, I had been scheduled for the operation. I appreciate Dr. Thomason talking to a doctor in Japan late at night to help me be able to have surgery and follow-up at home. I feel I received the best care from Dr. Thomason, his staff, the hospital and the rehab unit.  The Best!" – Fred C. 
"Dr. Thomason has operated on me four times all for different reasons and I recovered well and was back to normal in a very reasonable amount of time. He is a great surgeon. - Ronald J"
"As usual, Dr. Archibald was very thorough in explaining my MRI, the problem and the treatment. I have complete confidence in his handling of my health issues." – Nicholas K. 
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
"My experience with your office has been wonderful. The first visit was what I thought was an emergency and was rapidly given an appointment. The staff and Charles Niemeyer were friendly and informative about was  going on with my knees. The information and care that I was given was very professional. The treatment options were explained in a manner that I could understand and follow. The staff from the front desk to the exam rooms were gracious and put you at ease. When water gathered on one knee and I again called because I had no idea of what was wrong; I was immediately seen as soon as possible. I would and have recommend Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center to anyone." – Kathy H. 
"Within two months I went from very minor issues of slight discomfort in my right knee to excruciating pain 10+. I knew something had to be done quickly because I could not take two steps without severe pain. My family physician, Dr. Rinehart, recommended Dr. Archibald and I knew right away I could trust the recommendation. This conclusion was spot on especially after meeting Dr. Archibald and his superb staff. If I had not been so wracked with pain the meeting would have been like a family reunion. Everyone was supportive and careful to keep me informed and comfortable with my visits.  I highly recommend Dr. Archibald and his staff and am thankful I had the good fortune to have them work with my knee. Still recovering still somewhat sore at times but as I am reminded this is major surgery, luckily I had the best team on my side." – John G. 
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
"I really liked that all my questions were answered and that the PA-C, Scott Cooklish, took the time to get to know me. I got lots of great advice on how to strengthen my knees so that I can keep running strong." – Angela T.  
"Dr. Parikh becomes sure he is treating the correct problem. He recommends treatment with good details of what will be done and how that will happen. I am well pleased with Carolina Orthopaedic." – Cy R. 
Treated by: Tejas N. Parikh, MD
"Great Staff, Great Doctor" – James H. 
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
"I was seen for hip pain and received injections. The staff was pleasant and professional. Dr. T was wonderful." – Martha O.