Patient Reviews

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Average Rating: 4.85
“Dr. Neimeyer was terrific.”
– Richard M.
“PA, Emily was very professional and caring during my visit. After a very thorough exam she took the time to explain the results of her findings and recommended follow-up. I didn't feel rushed and believe that her in-depth knowledge and experience will be instrumental in my recovery.”
– David B.
“My first visit with Dr. Thomason was great. I must be lucky and blessed! Perfect match! We talked, he listened, I listened! He recommended a course of treatment. Had my xrays. We talked again! I made my decision because of several problems that I have to go with Gelsyn-3 and two knee replacements at a later date. Dr. H. Clayton Thomason was the right doctor for me. I felt that I could trust him and he made everything easy for me to understand. Since then, I have received all injections of Gelsyn-3 jel. Can't wait to see him again or my next visit.”
– Mark M.
“Excellent dr who listened to my concerns and made me feel better. I liked the treatment plan and feel confident in it.”
– Mary B.
Treated by: Dolly Skeete, MD
“Made me feel comfortable for my first time there treating my knee. I appreciate that in a doctor.”
– Sonya B.
"My entire experience was GREAT. From the check-in process all the way up until my foot was place in the cast. Everyone was friendly, compassionate, and eager to help me get back to my best health possible." – N M.
"Dr. Prato is very knowledgeable and could easily explain to me what the problem with my left shoulder was and how to help me. I'm looking forward to my next visit with Dr. Prato on 02/06/2017." – Josef D. 
"I was very comfortable with Dr. Archibald and feel his attention and concern to my personal problem was most professional. I will certainly make an appointment if necessary again." – Joan M.
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
"I received excellent care, questions were answered and diagnosis thoroughly explained. I am a patient for life!" – Cynthia P.
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
"Doctor Skeete examined all the joints in my left and right hands and fingers that were causing me to experience severe pain when I would close my hands tightly to hold something or to grip something like a broom or rake. Doctor Skeete had the lab make images of my hands to determine if there were signs of Arthritis or other conditions that might be causing the pain I was experiencing. Doctor Skeete examined the images made of my hands and found I had spots in my joints that were caused by Arthritis in the joints of my hands and fingers. Doctor Skeete instructed me to start using Volteran Gel and apply it to the joints of both of my hands and fingers 3 to 4 time a day. Doctor Skeete also sent instructions to the Pharmacy I use to fill a Prescription for the Volteran Gel for me. I started using the Volteran Gel that day, as Doctor Skeete instructed me, and after 5 days of using the Volteran, as Doctor Skeete instructed me, the pain began to be reduced in the joints of both hands and fingers. After a few more days, the pain was almost eliminated. Now, I feel much, much better when I close my hands or grip something. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere "Thanks" to Doctor Skeete for her knowledge and her time to locate my problem and to provide me relief through the procedure she recommended to get me back to almost normal . I really appreciate Doctor Skeete and I appreciate her Staff and Assistants and everyone at Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center for their care, support and attention." – Jerry C.
Treated by: Dolly Skeete, MD