Patient Reviews

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Average Rating: 5
“I am very happy and satisfied with the doctors at Carolina Orthopaedic and they have helped me a lot.”
– Sherrie G.
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
“Great doctor. Was honest. Great bedside personality”
– Gina M.
Treated by: Dolly Skeete, MD
“Knee injections to hold off surgery until after golf season. So far, two weeks after 3rd jab, knee is much better! I can go down steps normally. Wow!”
– Roderick C.
“Dr. Johnson was great. He met with me and covered my options for dealing with my knee pain. We elected surgery. He did a great job getting my surgery scheduled and performed to fit my schedule. The follow-ups went well and I feel great about the recovery to-date.”
– Ken T.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“Very professional, fixed my shoulder the first time, Thanks.”
– Stephen S.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“Dr. Olson did surgery on my foot in 2012 and I've had great success. He was also very personable and I enjoyed having him as my doctor. I recommend this practice because I have gotten good care here.”
– Susan S.
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
“I enjoy coming here to this office, the staff is all friendly and helpful, the doctors are all good at what they do, and the office is clean and organized. They have one person at the front door to help with where to go because the office has four waiting areas now. In the old building there was only one waiting area for all the doctors. They also have the PT department in the same building now too. I tell all my friends and people I talk to about this office and how good they are. The doctors takes time and tell you all about what is going on and what needs to be done. I had right shoulder surgery and I am doing good. I had to have PT too and the PT department is good at what they do too. My mother has had both shoulder surgeries done here and my father has had one shoulder surgery done here too. We like the doctors because they are good.”
– Samantha H.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“Excellent experience from check-in to X-ray tech to nurse to doctor to check-out – superior cross customer service & caring. Great staff!”
– Rebecca L.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“Dr. Archibald is an excellent doctor. He has helped me so much over the years. My knee replacement on December 15th went as planned. His staff is also wonderful in every way. My physical therapy was also so helpful. I would recommend Dr. Archibald to all my friends. God bless.”
– Bonnie T.
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
“Doctor Olson has an approachable yet professional manner with his patient interface. He exudes the confidence of a successful practitioner, which judging from the results I've had, he is. I hope I won't need his services again, but if I do he'll be my first choice.  ”
– Michael H.
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM