Patient Reviews

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Average Rating: 5
“Everyone I come into contact with every time I am in there is wonderful. Dr. Archibald has treated me for a few years now and the experience remains the same. He and his staff are top notch in my book!”
– Chris M.
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
“Thank you to Dr. Thomason for getting me back in the dog show ring with my knee replacement! After 35 years in the airline industry, loading aircraft and catering flights, my knees and shoulders are worn out. Dr. Johnson repaired my shoulder, and again I have been able to return to work and my activities. Thanks to a great team!!!!”
– Amy S.
“Dr. Thomason explained everything to us and why he was ordering the MRI. He is a very friendly person that does not talk over our heads with his words.”
– Danny M.
“Dr. Prato was very honest with my diagnosis. I will recommend him in the future.”
– Michael S.
“Very satisfied!!”
– Gale S.
Treated by: Tejas N. Parikh, MD
“Dr. Thomason is the best. Fixed my shoulder and has given me use of my knees far longer than I ever hoped without surgery. 100 stars”
– Kristen S.
“The staff is very nice and efficient. Dr. Thomason was knowledgeable and knew just what to do for my knee pain!”
– Sue R.
“On time, friendly, efficient.”
– John W.
“Very informative visit ending with an injection and scheduling surgery.”
– Beverly S.
– Constance M.
Treated by: Dolly Skeete, MD