Care of Exos Brace

  1. If the brace becomes soiled, it can be scrubbed with a towel moistened with warm soapy water. Wet braces must be dried to reduce odor and the possibility of rash. Air dry or dry using a hair dryer at low heat. Failure to properly wash and dry Exos braces can result in odor and possible rash.
  2. Do not stick objects under the Exos brace; this can cause infection to your skin. Also, please do not put talcum powder or corn starch inside the brace; these can cause skin irritation.
  3. To relieve itching under the Exos brace, point a hair dryer on a cool setting down into the brace.
  4. Elevate the injured extremity above the heart level by propping it up on pillows or some other support.  Elevating will help prevent swelling.
  5. Exercise the extremity.  Wiggle your fingers to reduce swelling.
  6. Apply an ice bag to the outside of the Exos brace.  Icing the injury helps reduce swelling and pain.
  7. Do not remove the Exos brace unless instructed to do so by your healthcare provider.

  • You feel a blister or sore developing inside the cast or develop skin problems at the brace edges.
  • You experience persistent numbness or tingling.
  • Your nail beds become blue or gray and do not return pink when elevated.
  • You experience new or severe pain.
  • Your Exos brace develops cracks or breaks.
  • You notice the Exos brace becomes too loose as the swelling goes down- especially if it is rubbing.  The best time to check this is at the end of the day when swelling is at its worst.