Patient Reviews

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Average Rating: 5
“"He is good doctor he knows what to do to help you I would go to him again if I need to"  ”
– Christine W.
Treated by: Tejas N. Parikh, MD
“"Dr.Thomason has been my orthopaedic doctor for approx. ten yrs. I went to other orthopaedics before I was sent to him by my family doctor I am pleased with every treatment I have received. What I like most about him is that I can ask questions, knowing that he has others waiting, and he will make sure I understand all instructions he has given."”
– Lloyd H.
“"Dr Prato treated me like a friend not like some patient. I had both knees replaced and good not be happier. THANKS, Dr. PRATO"”
– Hal M.
“I have loved being treated at this clinic and by Dr. Olson. The nurses are outstanding.”
– Julie C.
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
“Dr. Johnson was very patient and personable during my surgery process. He listened to my concerns and addressed all of them. I haven't had any problems since my surgery. He was magnificent!”
– Jada C.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“I appreciate the entire Carolina Orthopaedic staff and doctors who have treated me. Everyone has been very professional and courteous.”
– David F.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“My experience has been very positive. I broke my ankle in 2 places and from my first visit I felt that Dr. Olson and the attending nurses were well qualified to help me. They have been very friendly, pleasant and accommodating. Dr. Olson always asks if I have questions or if there is anything else I need. All of my questions have been addressed quickly and with satisfaction. I feel that they truly care about my situation and are more than qualified to guide me through this. The front desk staff have been very pleasant and helpful also.”
– Sherian C.
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
“I had been suffering from a foot injury for two years. I had visited a podiatrist for this but found no relief. Dr. Olson discovered that a broken bone in my foot that had not healed correctly was the cause to my problems. I had surgery and was able to return to work two weeks later with the use of a knee scooter.”
– Katherine P.
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
“I can walk again without pain and am so grateful that I have Dr. Thomason as my orthopaedic physician. The hip replacement has changed my lifestyle to one I can enjoy again, I'm walking more and can even exercise again, something I haven't done in a long time.”
– Betty E.
“I had rotator cuff surgery from a motorcycle accident and Dr. Johnson has the best patient manners I have ever had! He seems caring and understanding and never once looked down at me.”
– Lori T.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD