Patient Reviews

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Average Rating: 5
“I have had both knees replaced (not at the same time). Dr. Thomason was terrific. After one of my surgeries, I had a problem with scar tissue. He corrected it and I have no problems since.”
– Dorothy M.
“I'm a patient of Dr. Erik Johnson at Carolina Orthopaedic. He's treated me for my left shoulder injury that happened when I fell down a flight of stairs and the stairs won! He performed my surgery and has been THE best Orthopaedic specialist I have ever been to. He's very thorough, is always cordial and friendly as well as understanding of my situation whether it was a money issue when I was unemployed or a time constraint involving raising a family. I've recommended him to 2 others who have had Dr. Johnson perform their shoulder surgeries as well, both of which were very happy with him as I am. Dr. Erik Johnson is THE VERY BEST in his field and the staff at Carolina Orthopaedic are superb!!”
– Jennifer C.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“July 28, 2016, started out like any other work-day in the summertime. It was HOT! Mid-morning, I was walking through the office on the way to the workroom to mail a letter when suddenly my right, big toe had a painful stinging sensation. My reaction, "OUCH!" I inspected my foot and didn't notice anything unusual and went on about my business. As the workday progressed my right foot/toe began to turn red and swell. Not being one to run to the doctor immediately when something happens health wise, I walked on it for 10 more days! During the 10 days, I iced the foot, soaked the foot in a warm Epsom salts bath, drank concentrated cherry juice in water after being diagnosed by several family members as having gout, and limped around, A LOT!  I work in the healthcare field and finally one of our medical professionals insisted I see my PCP and go for an X-ray which revealed a pretty serious break of the second metatarsal of my right foot. I was shocked! My PCP referred me to Dr. Olson who fixed me right up with a walking boot. 12-14 weeks later I graduated to a lace-up leather brace, and currently, I am easing back into my regular shoes. The treatment from Dr. Olson and the staff at Carolina Orthopaedic was top-notch! Everyone from the front desk to the X-ray techs and the medical professionals that assist Dr. Olson during the office visit were excellent in the care of my right foot. I would trust Dr. Olson and Carolina Orthopaedic for all my orthopaedic challenges in the future....and I hope I don't  have any more of those challenges in the future...Just saying!”
– Kathy H.
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
“Dr. Archibald has performed two knee surgeries for me. I give him high marks in every category. Thank goodness I don't have to go to Charlotte to receive excellent orthopaedic care!”
– Eleanor N.
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
“"I messed up my shoulder and needed a reverse replacement done. Dr. Johnson and his PA both did all they could to help with my pain. Dr. Johnson gave me my options and let me decide which way I wanted to go. I was totally pleased with the care I was given by everyone at Carolina Orthopaedic and at the hospital. The surgery was done so well , that I even had a shorter recovery time than I expected. I would refer Carolina Orthopaedic and Dr. Johnson, to anyone who needs a good orthopaedic."”
– Richard D.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“I have had both knees replaced. Right in January of 2007; and left in January of 2012. I am completely satisfied, and 9 years later with the first replacement have had no problems, nor with the 2012 surgery. I recommend Dr Archibald to anyone who speaks to me about having knee problems.”
– Anthony C.
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
“"I was so afraid of the simple procedure, Dr. Thomason's manner, courtesy, and spirit made the event so pleasant I would recommend everyone I know to this practice. The procedure has lasted almost two years. Thank you again, Dr. Thomason"”
– Gwendolyn F.
“"Very skilled surgeon with great bedside manner."”
– Marilyn C.
“"I have never had a doctor treat me with more care and compassion than Dr. Johnson! But truly everyone there has been a great support to me with any question or problem. Any time I am asked about an orthopaedic doctor, I always refer them to Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center!!! Thank you for being the best!!"”
– Catherine S.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“"Knee replacement July 2015, everything went excellent, best doctor and staff I could ask for!"”
– Douglas H.