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“Several months ago, Doctor Parikh examined my lower back that was causing me to experience severe back and left leg pain during the night that kept me from sleeping for no more than several hours a night. Doctor Parikh reviewed an MRI that he had requested be made on my Lower Lumbar section and determined I was experiencing the pain in a joint. Doctor Parikh scheduled the following injection procedure; L Si JT Inj.. I followed Doctor Parikh's instructions after he performed the injection and, that night, I got the best sleep, without any back or leg pain, that I've had in weeks and months. Since then, I have sleep all night without any back or leg pain and I feel like a new person since I get plenty of sleep and rest at night. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere "Thanks" to Doctor Parikh for his knowledge and his time to locate my lower back problem and to provide me relief through the procedure he preformed to get me back to normal and to get the rest and sleep I'm getting now. I really appreciate Doctor Parikh and I appreciate him, his Staff and Assistants and everyone at Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center for their care, support and attention.”
– Jerry C.
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“My experience has been great. I felt that the doctor and his PA really had and have my best interest at heart and do what they can to help ease my pain as much as possible. Everyone that I have come in contact with at Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center has all been very nice, respectful and helpful. There hasn't been anyone that has been rude or negligent in any way. I have and will tell my family and friends about Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center because I truly trust the doctors and staff with my care.”
– Janie D.
Treated by: Tejas N. Parikh, MD
“I am very pleased with that doctor.”
– Carolyn L.
“Dr. Olson had done foot surgery for me a couple years ago and did a fantastic job. I live in Florida now and was going to be in your area. I scheduled an appointment with him for this time as I had some questions and wanted a consult with a doctor I had the up most confidence. He was very helpful and took his time answering my questions and advising me. And not to forget, the staff have always been wonderful and have gone out of their way to help with anything I needed. This includes the admin staff as well as the clinical staff. By the way, I love your new building.”
– Robbin M.
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“Dr. Clay has an incredible team from the office to the OR. He is the finest doctor I've ever had the pleasure of working with. 2 Hip replacements now should tell the story. He uses the most modern techniques available. He is patient with me, makes me feel safe about the adventure and the outcome is excellent. I am progressing very well. If I had a third hip to replace, Clay would be my choice LOL!”
– Cherie E.
“Dr. Thomason was great and was able to answer all my questions before and after surgery not to mention he performed an excellent operation. The rehabilitation facility as excellent. My trainer Scott was very motivating and worked me hard and it was appreciated. The doctors nursing staff was also great. Everyone was always upbeat, personable and very good at their jobs. I would highly recommend this group for anyone who needed a knee replacement.”
– Jackie H.
“Other than breaking my elbow, my entire experience at Carolina Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine has been very pleasant. The staff is friendly and professional. The doctor was friendly and made me feel at ease. He explained everything to me so that I knew what to expect as to my surgery and recovery. I think this was the first experience at a doctors office to which I did not dread going.”
– Lynne B.
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“I had rotator cuff problems and everyone I dealt with was awsome!”
– John B.
“I was pleased with the time and his diagnosis he gave and treated me. He was very truthful and honest about the trouble I was having with my knees. Thanks for the time and how nice I was treated by Dr. Thomason and the staff.”
– Patsy K.
“Doc. Clay is a great doctor and Kim and all the staff is very professional and friendly. you actually feel like they really care (which they do). He did my first knee replacement and will do my next. would recommend him to anyone. That just about raps it up in a nut shell.”
– Russell Byerly