Verified Patient Rating: 5
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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Parikh
  • “Dr. Parikh was on time. He really listens to your concerns and makes an educated decision on how the treatment should go.”
    – Tracy S.
  • “Dr. Parikh was a rock star.”
    – Randy H.
  • “Dr. Parikh is excellent. Thorough exam, explaining his initial diagnosis and the follow-up plan.”
    – Vicki H.
  • “Dr. Parikh and the staff are super friendly and nice.”
    – Tracy S.
  • “Dr. Parikh is a very professional, intelligent doctor that will take the time to answer your questions.”
    – John F.
  • “Very professional.”
    – Andrea W.
  • “Dr. Parikh is a kind and knowledgeable doctor who is doing great in managing my pain. I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from joint or back pain.”
    – Colene B.
  • “Very professional and courteous as always.”
    – David F.
  • “Very nice. Naturally explained everything, I could understand. Was great!”
    – Anne W.
  • “Very cordial friendly but always professional staff.”
    – John G.
  • “He is great. Takes the time to explain why and what he thinks needs to be done to the patient. Everyone is friendly and courteous. Have enjoyed having a physician that cares.”
    – Bobby H.
  • “I have always had the best care. The doctor always answers all my questions and makes sure I understand.”
    – Annette H.
  • “Very courteous staff. Dr. Perikh is the best for what I have trouble with back and hips.”
    – Alice B.
  • “Very nice doctor. Answered all questions and he’s going to fix my back. Thank you, Dr. Parikh. ”
    – Glenda C.
  • “Dr. Parikh was very helpful. He answered all my questions. Explained and gave me options. ”
    – Wanda S.
  • “Dr. Parikh was awesome. I felt very confident in his care. He provided me with some much-needed pain relief. Wish I would have seen him sooner.”
    – Vanessa A.
  • “A good doctor and very knowledgeable about my condition.”
    – Mark H.
  • “Very excellent service. I would definitely recommend to a family member or friend.”
    – Linda L.
  • “Dr. Parikh was awesome!! The staff made me feel comfortable for my procedure. This was not the first time I have been treated by Carolina Orthopedics and my experience has always been awesome!! I have referred several people to your facility because of the genuine care that is provided by the Doctors and Staff. Carolina Orthopedic truly has the best interest for the patients health and well being. ”
    – Cynthia M.
  • “Received bilateral sacroiliac joint injections and I wouldn’t have trusted any other Doctor to do this. I had minimal discomfort and am very pleased with my treatment. ”
    – Cynthia F.
  • “Very satisfied!!”
    – Gale S.
  • “My experience at Carolina Orthopaedic is always good. The receptionist, the nurses, and doctors make you feel that care about you and strive to help in any way they can.”
    – Sara C.
  • “ My experience was good. He seemed to really know what was going and what to do. He really listened to me as we discussed my issues and I did not seem in a rush to get me out. He explained things in a way I could understand. I was very impressed with him.”
    – Martha F.
  • “He listen to your problem.”
    – Mary S.
  • “Several months ago, Doctor Parikh examined my lower back that was causing me to experience severe back and left leg pain during the night that kept me from sleeping for no more than several hours a night. Doctor Parikh reviewed an MRI that he had requested be made on my Lower Lumbar section and determined I was experiencing the pain in a joint. Doctor Parikh scheduled the following injection procedure; L Si JT Inj.. I followed Doctor Parikh's instructions after he performed the injection and, that night, I got the best sleep, without any back or leg pain, that I've had in weeks and months. Since then, I have sleep all night without any back or leg pain and I feel like a new person since I get plenty of sleep and rest at night. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere "Thanks" to Doctor Parikh for his knowledge and his time to locate my lower back problem and to provide me relief through the procedure he preformed to get me back to normal and to get the rest and sleep I'm getting now. I really appreciate Doctor Parikh and I appreciate him, his Staff and Assistants and everyone at Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center for their care, support and attention.”
    – Jerry C.