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(515) Patient Reviews and Ratings
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Zlotnicki
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki is an amazing doctor. He gave me hope when other doctors frowned their noses at me because of my weight. Dr. Zlotnicki, however, gave me a chance. He believed in me. I lost every bit of the weight and more. As I said before, Dr. Zlotnicki is amazing.”
    – Shameka P.
  • “I was very happy with the care that Dr. Zlotnicki provided. I wanted surgery, and he explained the pros and cons and gave me other options. He also ordered x-rays to see if my condition had deteriorated. When I left, I felt better about my diagnosis.”
    – Kimberly J.
  • “My experience was good. Dr. Zlotnicki was very informative about my issue and explained everything in detail.”
    – Michael H.
  • “The experience was great. Dr. Zlotnicki was thorough and had a great bedside manner.”
    – Terry A.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki was professional and personable. He explained everything thoroughly and was excellent about delivering the cortisone shot with minimal pain.”
    – Martha S.
  • “I had a good time with Dr. Zlotnicki.”
    – William P.
  • “Everyone was kind, friendly, and courteous. Dr. Zlotnicki's nurse, who brought in the shots for Dr. Zlotnicki, is especially sweet. Dr. Zlotnicki didn’t hurt me at all with the shots. He is very kind and sweet also.”
    – Michelle C.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki is amazing. He is so sweet and genuinely cares about you.”
    – Chris L.
  • “The new x-ray tech is great. As always, the office staff and Dr. Zlotnicki are all so kind and helpful. It's not fun going to the doctor, but they always make it as relaxing as possible.”
    – Patrick G.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki gave me exactly what I had hoped for: an injection in my swollen knee and leg. I already feel better than I did going in. I was very pleased with everyone.”
    – Barry W.
  • “I am very pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Zlotnicki, his sincere concern about his patients, and the involvement of the patient in the doctor’s decision-making regarding the further treatment plan. He listens, involves the patient, and sincerely cares about getting the patient to a better standard of living.”
    – Peggy C.
  • “I can describe my experience with Dr. Zlotnicki in one word: outstanding.”
    – Ronald H.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki is the best overall, and the staff is great.”
    – Paulette R.
  • “My experience with Dr. Zlotnicki was very smooth. I actually said, 'wow,' as I was leaving.”
    – Eric H.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki took the time to explain my problem and the actions needed to provide relief of symptoms, including short and long-term management. He listened to my questions and concerns and addressed them. I left feeling confident in the treatment plan.”
    – Jeannie D.
  • “I had a very informative appointment with Dr. Zlotnicki yesterday. I am going to have a knee replacement in December. Dr. Zlotnicki advised me I had a somewhat challenging situation for surgery. He took the time to explain in detail the procedure he would do. I appreciate his professionalism and experience while under his care.”
    – Donna W.
  • “I had a good experience with Dr. Zlotnicki. He was attentive and answered all my questions.”
    – Lewis F.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki was very thoughtful and caring. He explained everything thoroughly, and I feel very comfortable having him perform my upcoming knee surgery.”
    – Dominick S.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki seemed to be very knowledgeable. He informed me of my options and allowed me to make a choice. He explained every step and what to expect next. I am very pleased with having him as a doctor.”
    – Jacqueline J.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki is informative.”
    – Sylvia B.
  • “I had a very professional and pleasant experience with Dr. Zlotnicki. It was top-notch.”
    – Lenita R.
  • “I had a quick and friendly visit with Dr. Zlotnicki.”
    – Mary K.
  • “I have had several surgeries with this office. The latest was with Dr. Zlotnicki when my wife thought she had broken her ankle. I called them, and they got us in immediately; they took good care of her. I believe this is the best orthopedic office around. From the care you receive to the caring people that work there, they are the best.”
    – Charlie D.
  • “I had a very pleasant experience thanks to Dr. Zlotnicki.”
    – Don M.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki listened to me and validated some ideas that I had regarding my treatment of bursitis of the hip.”
    – Sara D.