Verified Patient Rating: 5
(19) Patient Reviews and Ratings
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Zlotnicki
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki was very down-to-earth and a pleasure to interact with. I was very comfortable the entire visit.”
    – Kevin M.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki was informative and listened. After a thorough review of the upcoming surgery, he asked if we had questions, and he answered them. He was kind and encouraging. I would highly recommend his services.”
    – Carol D.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki is awesome. He takes time to ask questions and understand your needs. He is so professional and a very nice and happy man.”
    – Miriam C.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki is very good.”
    – Ella P.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki explained everything. My knees are so bad. Can't wait for my knee replacement on both. He'll do the right one first. Little nervous, but ready to be able to walk without a lot of pain or no pain. He said he'll fix my knees. The staff was also great in his office.”
    – Todd S.
  • “Great. Dr. Zlotnicki is very professional and explains everything in detail.”
    – Rose H.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki performed a right hip replacement in November. I found Dr. Zlotnicki MD to be an extremely easy person to communicate with. He actually let the patient speak and answered all my questions.”
    – Brenda R.
  • “I went to see Dr. Zlotnicki due to many years of pain in my knees. I had been advised over the past years that for me to keep getting shots to alleviate the pain was not going to last and that I needed total knee replacements on both legs. Dr. Zlotnicki recommended that I immediately do one knee and then do the other later. I chose to do my left knee first. Dr. Zlotnicki operated four weeks ago today. The operation was a total success! I have been doing my physical therapy for the last four weeks and now have a greater range of motion than in years with my left leg. There is still some stiffness in the knee, but that is constantly decreasing. The pain I had in that knee is gone. I will have Dr. Zlotnicki replace the knee in my right leg next winter.”
    – Carson D.
  • “Dr. Zlotnicki was by far the most impressive doctor I have ever met in all my years. This is why: he was easy to talk with, did not act hurried, answered all my questions, seemed genuine in doing what was best for me, spoke in terms I could understand, did not have the superior attitude so often found in physicians, and I felt very reassured of his competence.”
    – Frances B.
  • “My appointment was a follow-up regarding an issue with my knee. We also discussed an issue regarding my rotator cuff, of which Dr. Zlotnicki provided exercise literature for strengthening it. This was my 2nd appointment with him, and I highly recommend him to anyone with orthopedic issues.”
    – Charles T.
  • “I think Dr. Zlotnicki was great. He did knee replacement surgery. Everything went great. I can’t wait to get my other knee done.”
    – Lila H.