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"My wife, Vicki, and I were in the middle of the Sea of Japan this summer when I fell and broke my leg in three places. I was told I would be leaving the ship the next day and sent to a Japanese hospital for examination and possible treatment. During the day I called Dr. Thomason which was night time in Gastonia. I could not reach him, but he called us in a few minutes and advised us to the take a picture of the X-ray taken on the ship with an iPhone and send the picture to him. Dr. Thomason did not push me to come home but said he believed it would be ok to travel back home for the needed operation on my leg. A Japanese doctor agreed and consulted with Dr. Thomason during the night in the states and the Japanese doctor was able to give me a "Fit to Fly" certification that would allow me to come home for the surgery. When I returned home two days later, I had been scheduled for the operation. I appreciate Dr. Thomason talking to a doctor in Japan late at night to help me be able to have surgery and follow-up at home. I feel I received the best care from Dr. Thomason, his staff, the hospital and the rehab unit.  The Best!" – Fred C. 

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