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"Within two months I went from very minor issues of slight discomfort in my right knee to excruciating pain 10+. I knew something had to be done quickly because I could not take two steps without severe pain.

My family physician, Dr. Rinehart, recommended Dr. Archibald and I knew right away I could trust the recommendation. This conclusion was spot on especially after meeting Dr. Archibald and his superb staff. If I had not been so wracked with pain the meeting would have been like a family reunion. Everyone was supportive and careful to keep me informed and comfortable with my visits. 

I highly recommend Dr. Archibald and his staff and am thankful I had the good fortune to have them work with my knee. Still recovering still somewhat sore at times but as I am reminded this is major surgery, luckily I had the best team on my side." – John G. 

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