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"July 28, 2016, started out like any other work-day in the summertime. It was HOT! Mid-morning, I was walking through the office on the way to the workroom to mail a letter when suddenly my right, big toe had a painful stinging sensation. My reaction, "OUCH!" I inspected my foot and didn't notice anything unusual and went on about my business. As the workday progressed my right foot/toe began to turn red and swell. Not being one to run to the doctor immediately when something happens health wise, I walked on it for 10 more days! During the 10 days, I iced the foot, soaked the foot in a warm Epsom salts bath, drank concentrated cherry juice in water after being diagnosed by several family members as having gout, and limped around, A LOT!  I work in the healthcare field and finally one of our medical professionals insisted I see my PCP and go for an X-ray which revealed a pretty serious break of the second metatarsal of my right foot. I was shocked! My PCP referred me to Dr. Olson who fixed me right up with a walking boot. 12-14 weeks later I graduated to a lace-up leather brace, and currently, I am easing back into my regular shoes. The treatment from Dr. Olson and the staff at Carolina Orthopaedic was top-notch! Everyone from the front desk to the X-ray techs and the medical professionals that assist Dr. Olson during the office visit were excellent in the care of my right foot. I would trust Dr. Olson and Carolina Orthopaedic for all my orthopaedic challenges in the future....and I hope I don't  have any more of those challenges in the future...Just saying!" – Kathy H.    

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