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"My story is not a sports injury, but rather a worn out knee. I had gone through the regular treatment procedures of hydrocortisone shots in the knee joint, which gave me temporary relief for a while - at first for a few months. Later, as the cushioning tissue in my knee gradually went away, those treatments didn't work as well. I tried the "rooster comb" shots, and they worked briefly, but by then, I was bone on bone. The very best part of my story is the anesthesia  - the femoral nerve block in my leg for the surgery. I was not in terrible pain afterwards because it lasted for about 22 hours, and I was on the front side of the pain and could manage it going forward. I did the exercises that the home health care nurse told me to do, I did the physical therapy when I went in and at home, and I went back to work in about five weeks. I'm pain free now. I would encourage anyone considering a knee replacement to have it done instead of suffering on and on." - Debbie Y.
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