Patient Reviews

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Average Rating: 5
“As usual, Dr. Archibald was very thorough in explaining my MRI, the problem and the treatment. I have complete confidence in his handling of my health issues.”
– Nicholas K.
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
“Within two months I went from very minor issues of slight discomfort in my right knee to excruciating pain 10+. I knew something had to be done quickly because I could not take two steps without severe pain. My family physician, Dr. Rinehart, recommended Dr. Archibald and I knew right away I could trust the recommendation. This conclusion was spot on especially after meeting Dr. Archibald and his superb staff. If I had not been so wracked with pain the meeting would have been like a family reunion. Everyone was supportive and careful to keep me informed and comfortable with my visits.  I highly recommend Dr. Archibald and his staff and am thankful I had the good fortune to have them work with my knee. Still recovering still somewhat sore at times but as I am reminded this is major surgery, luckily I had the best team on my side.”
– John G.
Treated by: Ian D. Archibald, MD
“Dr. Parikh becomes sure he is treating the correct problem. He recommends treatment with good details of what will be done and how that will happen. I am well pleased with Carolina Orthopaedic.”
– Cy R.
Treated by: Tejas N. Parikh, MD
“Great Staff, Great Doctor.”
– James H.
Treated by: Robert C. Olson, DPM
“I was seen for hip pain and received injections. The staff was pleasant and professional. Dr. T was wonderful.”
– Martha O.
“Dr. Johnson is more than just a doctor. He takes the time to get to know his patients and always goes the extra mile to make sure that an athlete's long-term health is first priority. He is never in a hurry and takes time to stress the importance of proper exercising and stretching. Dr. Johnson has helped me with my arm-care program since I was 10 years old and I definitely recommend him to anyone, whether they are an athlete or not.”
– Garrett S.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
“Hopefully I'll never need any more surgeries but if I did I would certainly go back to Dr. Clay Thomaon. His dad was my cardiologist and I can't say enough good things about either one of them. I have referred many people to Dr Clay who needed an orthopedist. His staff was also to notch, which can't be said about many practices anymore.”
– Joanne H.
“I feel Dr. Erik Johnson is probably the best doctor that has ever treated me. I have suffered a few years with my shoulder being told that all I had was arthritis. Dr. JOHNSON OPERATED AND I CAN LAY IN A BED AND SLEEP AGAIN. He never prejudiced me like some doctors like all I wanted was something for pain. Of which I have no need now, that my pain is almost totally gone. I believe in another month or so and I'll  be totally pain-free. Thanks for repairing my shoulder. You and your staff are the BEST EVER.”
– Robert R.
Treated by: Erik C. Johnson, MD
– Lanier
“I have had both knees replaced (not at the same time). Dr. Thomason was terrific. After one of my surgeries, I had a problem with scar tissue. He corrected it and I have no problems since.”
– Dorothy M.