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Average Rating: 5
“"My right knee had arthritis so bad I couldn't walk right. Dr. Archibald took an x-ray of the knee. We set up a surgery date for total knee replacement. A few hours after surgery, I could bend the knee with no arthritis pain at all. Now, it has been 4 weeks later and I am bending my knee at 125 degrees and walking with no pain. Thank the Lord and Dr. Archibald. I would recommend Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine to all my friends and family. Thank You." - Michael M.”
– Michael
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“"Dr. Johnson repaired 2 meniscus tears and a rotator cuff tear for me in a 2 year period. Dr. Johnson and his staff were great. He always explained the surgical procedures and answered my questions, so I would know exactly what he was going to do and what my recovery time would be. Thanks to him, I'm playing golf with me buddies again." - William W.”
– William
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